Thursday, August 23, 2007

Home Pics

So this is what so many people have been asking for. Before you actually look at the pictures though, I must warn you that I got VERY lucky with my house and I have a lot of things that some PCVs don't... like a fridge. I'm very proud of that fridge and so that will be the first picture. :) I also want to warn you that I decided not to clean my house before taking these pictures, so this is about how it normally looks.

What you see on top are all the spices and stuff that I have. There is no cabinet space in the kitchen, so everything I have I put either on top of my fridge or on the counter by the sink.

Now remember that there is no running water so I have to go collect that which can really be a pain. I have the conversation almost every day about why I don't have a wife to do that for me. The Peace Corps of course didn't put "Wife to carry water" on the packing list so I didn't bring one. I'm very upset about that and am lodging a complaint through the proper channels. I'd get one in country, but my budget doesn't allow for that.

This is a desk that my landlord left in the house for me. I don't sit at it though because I think the chair would break if I put any weight on it. It's nice to put things on and look at though. It's all about appearances anyway right?

This is the room I spend most of my time in. I sleep here if it's cool, I read here, I eat here, I... well... sit and stare at the wall here. I was going to get carpet and just use that ponj as a bed, but I sleep on the floor and bringing carpet takes, you know, planning ahead and stuff. I'll think about it.

These of course are my beloved books. I do a LOT of reading and if you ever are thinking about me and want to send me something, "BOOKS" is always a good answer. History, Biography, Theology, Politics... I can get novels over here. Anyway... there are my books. Maybe some of you can recognize the ones you've sent me already... I've read them all.

This is my bathroom. It's hidden under the stairs and there is no door. If you look closely you will find no toilet paper... you do what you gotta do.

Last but not least, this is the outside of my house. Looks pretty cool don't it? Yeah, I didn't show pictures of my roof where i do laundry, sleep and read, mostly because it's just a roof. Stay tuned and you'll be getting pictures of the community as well. Ciao


SimplyMoroccan said...
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Lacey said...

Hi Darlin!! I love the house!! Shawnky!! And only you would have such a beautiful bookcase!!! We need to hang out soon!! Big Love from the desert!!

Ann said...

"wife to get water"? surely you knew that would elicit a response.

i however, being the moral and upright person that i am, will not respond.

see, i'm better than you.