Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Invitation and Acceptance

So it's now official... I'm off to Morocco on March 2 of 2007 as a health extension volunteer.

I'm so excited that I read both the 150 page plus manuals they sent me and another book about the Peace Corps all in one afternoon. Now begins more paper work and more waiting. I have to say I've almost forgotten that I'm graduating from college in 10 days.

The excitement highs, however, are inevitably accompanied by lows. I came to the rather stark realization about a week and a half ago that I am going to miss Austin, FBC, and UT rather intensely. This place has become home in ways that no other city has before. This realization isn't going to hinder my ability and willingess to go and adapt, but it does give me a sense of geography. I think I have an answer to the "where are you from?" question... Austin. I know I've only been here for just over two and a half years, but I guess that's all you need sometimes.

Enough of the lows... I'm graduating, I have a job that is going to allow me to live abroad and learn a new language, and I have a place to think of as home... Life is good.