Friday, August 17, 2007

Clarification and Apology

I just got a comment on a post from a while ago entitled "Stupid Sheep". I don't know who posted it, but he/she raised an excellent point and I want to respond.

Morocco is a large and VERY diverse country, not only linguistically but culturally. The poster mentioned that even though he/she is Moroccan that he/she sometimes feels like a stranger in his/her own country when travelling.

If I sometimes use the phrase "in Morocco" I am not trying to make a sweeping comment about the entire country. I can only speak for the very small section of Morocco in which I work. The problem is, however, that I am not allowed to tell you where that is for security reasons, so I end up sounding like I'm making sweeping generalizations. I apologize if it seems that way. If anything it is because I'm a lazy writer and I'll try to be more discerning in my words.

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