Thursday, January 3, 2008

Of Ishmael and Isaac

So the holiday season has passed and here is a photo journal of that trip... we begin with the Muslim holiday commemorating Abraham's test of faith.

This is me and Hicham right after slaughtering the sheep.

Here we're skinning it.

And of course gutting it.

And here's the mother of the house cooking it. The liver wrapped in the stomach lining was particularly delicious.

Shortly after this holiday I left to go celebrate Christmas with some friends... that was a long trip and I'll tell you about it later. For the moment, here are some pictures.

Our host's house.

Me decorating our makeshift tree.

Cooking the meal

Wrapping presents... then we changed a bit of scenery

It was nice and warm for once

And I got to play guitar both on the beach and in the ocean.

The sunsets were spectacular

Some of us surfed...

And others rode camels. Sounds like the Christmas everyone dreams of right?

I just thought I'd throw that one in for good measure... Mara my regionmate

There are better pictures of this part of the holidays, but they are not mine and I don't yet have my hands on them. To be continued...

Then New Years is also pictureless, but it was spectacular to be around people I now consider family. So for all of you worried parents out there who think your children are alone during the holidays... we do a good job of taking care of each other.

Happy New Year