Friday, March 16, 2007

I Got Married!!!

Ok, so I didn't really elope and am now in a relationship for the rest of my life or anything. We were on our way to the دار الشباب (the youth center) on Wednesday to challenge the kids to a soccer game and low and behold there was a cub scout (co-ed) meeting going on. They invited us in and we had a blast playing games with them. One of the games involved a leader "randomly" choosing a girl and a boy and then the girl would get to choose if she wanted to marry the boy or not. My girl kind of facilitated our particular meeting and gave a rather enthusiastic yes when the question was asked. I don't know her name, but she seemed like she was the rebel in the group. What can I say... I guess I'm the "bad boy" with my ponytail and all.

On a completely different note...

...This Sunday we are all leaving to spend a week shadowing a volunteer. Katie Rosenbaum and I are being placed with a volunteer in the Zagora region in the desert. To quote رلشيد (Rachid), our guy in charge of training, it will be just us and Allah. I don't think there's running water or electricity and I'm excited. We've been really pampered over the past week and a half (has it only been that long?) and I'm ready to start roughing it. This will probably be the last entry for about nine or ten days, but expect pictures when I get back.

OH!!! and I almost forgot. We started language training in the Berber dialect today. I got put in the Tamazight group and it looks like my particular class is a motivated one so I'm excited about that. Pretty soon I'll be leaving little messages for all of you in Tamazight.


صامويل كنتر


Ann said...

You're first line freaked me out a little. Not going to lie to you. I thought, "isn't that prohibited in the peace corps unless you apply as a married couple?" but now i get it. cause i'm smart.

Ed Jordan said...


The cold water is getting to you! At least everyone read that section of your blog to find out what the scoop was!

Pearce Family said...


Hey. It was great to catch up with you a little. Thanks for inviting me. You can check out our blog as well and see the kids all grown up! Morrocco sounds exciting. I know you'll love it. I was just in Macedonia on a media trip and met a peace corps guy. He said macedonia was one of the most affluent places on the list. That was hard to believe. Morrocco must be pretty poor. Hey, I'd love an update on your family. Your mom WILL NOT write me back a personal note. I really want to keep up with you guys. Love you much.

Karen Pearce

Andrew said...

Samuel Gunter! how are you? i like the hair, btw. mine's in a pony-tail as well.

Suzii said...

You finally made Julie happy with the engagement announcement...she's not alone! Miss u here. There is a Samuel-shaped hole at the legislature, CLC office and at FBC.