Thursday, March 8, 2007

Finally Here

OK, so this can't be a long post because the internet is expensive and I don't really make that much money as a volunteer...

... We finally arrived in country and made it to the capitol city. We've been in and out of more meetings since we've been here and mostly they have been more general stuff from what we got at staging in Philadelphia. Today, though we had a talk about why we came here.

We all wrote whatever various reasons we had for joining the Peace Corps down and then at the end of that the man leading the session asked if anyone wrote down that they were here for training and of course none of us stood up because that was not our interpretation of the question posed us.

His advice... the moral of the story... we are to set aside whatever idealistic tendancies brought us to morocco and whatever ideas we have about helping people because we start training tomorrow and that should be our only focus.

i have a feeling that out of my time here that the time I will have the least amount of access to communication will be the next 11 weeks of training. Bear with me because I will be intensely focused on something else.

You are all in my thoughts though, and email me when you get a chance. Whenever I get to check email it will be a welcome escape.

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Scriptrix said...

Oh, Samuel. What strange, strong work ahead of you.