Tuesday, July 17, 2007

All Wet

I went camping last weekend with a bunch of environment volunteers. It was quite an amazing weekend actually. we had two guitar players, a mandolin player and some great singers all around a campfire. So pretty much paradise for me.

Before leaving for this weekend of camping however I took a look at what I was bringing and saw my rain jacket but thought to myself... it hasn't rained here in months, why on earth would I bring that?

Several hours later there were nine of us huddled in a tent built for 3 shivering, and trying to eat the food we had that had been soaked through with the rain. It was actually quite a spectacular storm. The wind almost blew our tents away and the lightning and thunder lasted all night.

The moral of the story is that it only rains in Morroco when you plan on sleeping outside.


Scriptrix said...

The moral of your story makes you sound a bit like Elijah....

Andrew said...

on the flip side, if you got went in your tent, then the jacket probably wouldn't have helped all that much.