Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Officially a PCV... what was i thinking?

Ok, so I can't write all that long today because the way transportation works, if I miss it, then I'm stuck and let's be honest... getting stuck is never fun for anyone involved.

So I've been at my site now for... well, a while... and this is going to be a lot harder than I thought it was going to be. The language score, well, it was decieving. My valley speaks a whole new language and don't really understand what they're saying when they do isolate words. It's a farming community so meeting people isn't a guarantee which means I have to get out and make a concernted effort to be visible and by conerted effort I mean at least a 2 k hike to the next house. I can see most of them, but they are up on hills, across fields and such. Oh, and did I mention that I'm in Africa and it's hot? It's hot. Not "I'm in the desert dying of thirst" hot, but still "hard to sleep at night because I'm sweating" hot.

Now don't get me wrong, thoughts of quitting have crossed my mind as they have almost all of our minds. Don't read despair into that last paragraph though, it's more of a dark amusment at my "plight". I had a great conversation with another new volunteer last night and we both, althogh struggling, left the conversation smiling because let's face it. We're in Morroco working. We could be going to class or even worse working 9-5 in an office so let's keep things in perspective people.

I'll be back sometime. I never know when I'm hitting an internet town, but since i don't have electricity and have to come in to charge my phone every couple of days, I'll definitely be back because I think I would go crazy if I didn't have any communication.

I hope this entry finds all of you well.

Oh, and I really need a shower, it's been a week... yes, i know I smell. Deal with it!


Andrew said...

meh, i more or less lost my sense of smell years ago ... between the constant inflammation of allergies and the surgeries taken to correct them, the old sniffer just doesn't do much for me anymore. which is a bit of a social liability at times.

Scriptrix said...

Serious difficulties, thoughts of quitting, sleepless nights - sounds like you've hit upon all the marks of good work. I can't wait to hear more.

cyngun said...

hon, you're making a difference by just being there. no need to question your purpose or your call. you've inspired everyone who knows you, both here and there. praying for you! have you taken a bath yet? :)

Sea Gator said...

Samuel, here's hoping you get this (not sure how all this works) and know that I've been following your special adventure. Hang in there; at least they're not shooting at you, yet...